The Shed and the Torturer

In this special ComboBox el Jefe himself, Jim Phoenix, joins up with JM Brannyk to discuss to screeners that fell into their laps. First from Little Sparks Films, we get into short film The Torturer then, after a very small break, Brannyk and Phoenix launch into another spoiler-free preview Frank Sabatella’s The Shed as shown on Shudder.

There is a deep dive into the psychology of torture for the short film and our hapless heroes discover the real inspiration behind the Shed is none other than…Ferris Bueller.

The Shed (streaming on Shudder) and ‘The Torturer’. We discuss this SPOILER-FREE, please come and congratulate us for this. Payne hijacks the system for his craptastic input. Jim calls for more chunk in physical horror, while Brannyk would like to see more of the rat in ‘The Torturer’ and Ike the dog in ‘The Shed’. They discuss how gross they would be if tortured (very). And also manage to kick around LGBTQ inclusion within horror, especially coming-of-age. You won’t want to miss this special edition, complete with teenage angst, delicious practical effects, and spilling the tea about our co-workers.

JM Brannyk

Jim Phoenix

El Jefe

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