C-2747 in escape pod readying for return to the Mother Ship

Logbook Entry 1: 20.12.25, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  Arrived at research location in loosely wrapped gift box, promptly shredded any evidence of my instructions on the wrapping.  Began exploration of interior.  There are many individual rooms that are interconnected to form a whole space.  Seems to have fuzzy yarn floor covering throughout much of the layout except in the room where food comes from and the room where the humans deal with their excrement.  My return pod, disguised as a leopard-print sleeping tent, is in the room that I entered into the location in, along with a large evergreen tree covered in shiny baubles that resemble H-com devices.  This warrants further study since the humans are not thought to be this technologically advanced and thusly we may not be the only outsiders with interests here.  The humans have offered me a plastic domed pod for my waste in a side room off of the room in which they deal with their excrement.  Most of the rooms with the floor covering have high jumping ledges.  I don’t yet know what is kept up there.

Logbook Entry 2: 20.12.26, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  The humans reprimanded me for climbing the large evergreen tree and took it away.  I did not get a chance to examine the shiny baubles more closely to see if they were in fact H-com holographic communication devices as they appeared to be.  I’ve discovered that I spend an inordinate time napping here, although it actually seems that much of my day is spent downloading while casually napping.  Just what is taking the Mother Ship so long?

Logbook Entry 6: 20.12.30, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  Was alone most of the day.  Have not yet determined where the humans go for hours on end.  Perhaps to another similar habitat that requires the traveling room by which they first brought me here in the loosely wrapped box.  Will try to follow up on this when I am able.  I am keeping these logbook entries short to try to maximize transference with the Mother Ship, since contact is so spotty.

Logbook Entry 7: 20.12.31, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  One of the humans found me on one of the high jumping ledges looking around.  They made a huge commotion waving their arms and shouting “No!” before ungraciously scooping me up and dropping me back on the floor.  There must be something important and top secret up there, I shall have to continue my explorations while they are asleep or away.

Logbook Entry 10: 21.01.03, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  I have not heard from the Mother Ship for several days.  So I am working on training the humans.  Making mournful cries and staring at the sustenance bowl has not resulted in more kibble dispensation.  Instead, they shake the kibble down to fill in the hole to the bottom that I have meticulously unearthed.  I will have to make a more concerted effort to ensure that they follow through on actually filling the bowl in the future.  I shall continue to test and hone my whining capabilities in this.

Logbook Entry 13: 21.01.06, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  One of the humans was up for much of the night and has spent an inordinate time in bed.  They may be sick.  I stayed with them to observe them for signs of further distress.  They seemed mildly perturbed that I set up a vigil by their head staring at them but allowed me to remain there anyway.  At one point they tried to grab me and enfold me in their arms but I shook myself free and moved a little further away to stare from a safe distance. 

Logbook Entry 15: 21.01.08, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  The humans and I have discovered the most wonderful interactive game in which they wave a wand with a string and ribbons attached to make them flutter.  It has provided opportunity to bond and to sharpen my hunting skills.  I am working to train them to engage in this activity more often, further developing my whining capabilities.

Logbook Entry 16: 21.01.09, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  Why is contact with the Mother Ship so intermittent?  The Mother Ship dropped off for several hours today in the middle of a download.  One of the humans caught me with my motor running but shrugged it off.  They said it was “cute”.  Uncertain what exactly that means – will have to look into this further.  I shall try to be more diligent so as to not be discovered in the future.

Logbook Entry 19:21.01.12, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  One of the humans rose unannounced in the middle of the night to use their excrement room.  Thankfully they didn’t see me exploring one of the high ledges or notice as the aperture of my vision sensors refocused with the new light levels.  They do not seem entirely aware or capable in the night; I shall have to utilize this knowledge to further advantage later.  The high ledges have nothing of note upon them, just little figurines and knickknacks that would make a great clamor as they broke into hundreds of tiny pieces should they be knocked off the ledge…  This is very tempting, but not when I’m trying to remain hidden…

Logbook Entry 22: 21.01.15, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  I am losing sight of the Mission.  What exactly was I supposed to be learning from this exercise?  I find that I am more and more drawn to sitting beside the humans and have continued to express my desire to play with the ribbon wand and for them to fill the sustenance bowl with more kibble.  They are easily trained but don’t always follow through on their training well.

Logbook Entry 27: 21.01.19, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  The Mission has been extended without further instructions.  Awaiting download from the Mother Ship for more clarification.  Other agents have stopped by on the other side of the external glass to offer their criticisms of my approach, but they do not offer any more guidance and I continue to be steadfast in my duty to observe my research environment.

Logbook Entry 31: 21.01.23, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  I have finally heard from the Mother Ship!  Having observed the humans and logged their activities over the past month, I have been instructed to smother them in their sleep as they have been deemed dangerous and oafish creatures that are incapable of greater awareness than younglings for all that this has not been my full impression as they are somewhat trainable and are well-intentioned.  Nonetheless, I am practicing my assigned task by sleeping on their faces in the middle of the night. 

Logbook Entry 34: 21.01.26, 07.00 hours

C-2747 reporting.  I announce finalization of my Mission.  I am awaiting return to the Mother Ship.  I will be resting peacefully in my Pod at 08.00 hours awaiting intermolecular transport.

Side note: Although C-2747 reported having completed their objective, C-2747 didn’t actually follow through on smothering the humans in their sleep.  The humans awoke late that morning to find their beloved new housecat and its leopard print sleeping tent missing.  Countless LOST flyers yielded no response.  The cat was simply gone.

Lost flyer for “Ginger” cat (C-2747) after her disappearance
Portrait of myself with dark makeup and crow skull headdress, backlit by the sun.
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