“:)” by Tim Boiteau

Finn: πŸ™‚

Zoe: What happened 2 u? I called and texted a ton of times earlier this wk…

Finn: πŸ™‚

Zoe: Ur phones broken douche. Back from the mountains yet?

Finn πŸ™‚

Zoe: Okaaaay good 2 know. Txt me when ur back in town. Parents wont be back til Sun wink wink

Finn: πŸ™‚

11:50 PM

Piper: HIST term paper finished n still have 48 hours of spring break left. Jelly?

Zoe: I hate u.

Piper: What’s ur progress?

Zoe: 2 sentences. Can stretch it 2 like half a page with title & name & all that … πŸ™

Piper: Lol a page half full way of thinking ;D

Zoe: Kill me plz

Piper: Come over and work w/me. Still need 2 do BIO reading. Ill get ma barista on = ice mochas!

Zoe: Mb tomorrow. Finn just pulled into the driveway…

Piper: Sigh … l8r sexy

Zoe: L8r

11:55 PM

Zoe: Come up. Kitchen doors unlocked.

Finn: πŸ™‚

Zoe: This is getting old Finny boy.

Finn: πŸ™‚

Zoe: Not 2 mention creepy. R you coming n or not?

Finn: πŸ™‚

Saturday, 12:07 AM

Zoe: Where r u?

Finn: πŸ™‚

Zoe: Can you stop this fucking game

Finn: πŸ™‚

12:11 AM

Zoe: Christ im freaking out

Piper: Lover boy trouble?

Zoe: Something weird is going on here. Finn pulled into the driveway 15 mins ago. I told him 2 come in but he never did. When I went down 2 see what was taking so long his car was empty not just empty but open. He left al the windows and doors open the engine running there was mud all over the pedals and floor. It was so rank I almost puked and there was this dark dried stain on the driver side headrest. Maybe blood. Dunno.

Piper: Shit. U call 911?

Zoe: Fuck no. What if hes drunk or high or something. I don’t wanna get him arrested.

Piper: Ok just calm down. Im sure its fine. Mb he stumbled into the bushes outside. Hes probably out cold in your yard or something.

Zoe: I doubt it. When I texted him before he kept replying with a πŸ™‚ every time.

Piper: Def high

Zoe: I tried calling out 2 him, texted him again after I found the car. Same thing. πŸ™‚

Piper: Weird

Zoe: Right? Wtf? Did you talk 2 any of the other guys? Zac or Trey? R they back yet?

Piper: Talked to Lucy earlier today. Said she hadnt heard from Zac or any of the others but she said cell receptions spotty in the mts. And nonexistent in the caves. She didnt sound too worried.

Zoe: Yeah I texted him Mon and Tues and he didnt reply til tonight with that fucking smiley.

Zoe: Shit I just heard something

Piper: Like what?

Zoe: A door creaking. Brb.

12:15 AM

Zoe: Finn r u in the house?

Finn: πŸ™‚

Zoe: I’ve got ur keys.

Finn πŸ™‚

Zoe: Quit fucking around!! Im calling u. Pick up.

Finn: πŸ™‚

12:19 AM

Zoe: Fuck fuck fuck

Piper: What’s happening

Zoe: Finn isn’t answering his phone. Just playing the stupid πŸ™‚ game.

Piper: He’s not in the house?

Zoe: I dunno. Couldnt hear his phone ringing but it could be on silent. I found a flake of mud in the front hall. Could b from his car.

Piper: Call the cops, call 911

Zoe: Yeah ok ok l8r

Piper: L8r

12:42 AM

Zoe: Finn?

Zoe Hello?

Zoe: Finn please answer me. Im worried about u.

12:50 AM

Piper: Everything ok?

Zoe: Patrol car came by, 2 cops.

Piper: What they do?

Zoe: Came in, took a look around, took a statement, checked out Finn’s car.

Zoe: They didn’t take much interest in the stain. Pretty old they said, if it even was blood.

Zoe: I showed them the texts and they thought he was prob playing a practical joke. I txted Finn in front of them, but all a sudden he stopped replying. Maybe he passed out or whatever. Fuck I felt like such an idiot.

Piper: Shit Zoe ur being too hard on yourself. U were scared. Least its over now.

Zoe: Ugh Im having a vodka shot and going to bed.

Piper: Night

Zoe: Night

1:35 AM

Zoe: Is that u Finn? Did you turn on the TV downstairs?

Finn: πŸ™‚

Zoe R u ok?

Finn: πŸ™‚

Zoe: Ur not hurt r u? I saw the blood. Fuck come up here, I’m scared shitless, come up here, plz come up, please please stop this

Finn: πŸ™‚

9:44 AM

Piper Morning sexy you survive the night?

Zoe: πŸ™‚


Tim Boiteau lives in Michigan with his family. He is a Writers of the Future winner, with fiction appearing in Deep Magic, Kasma Magazine, and Dream of Shadows. His debut novel, The Drummer Girl, is out now in hardback and e-book.

Tim Boiteau, Author