Sam and Mattie make a Zombie Movie, Threshold, and Scary Bride

Join the Streamin’ Demons where Jim ponders his ex-anniversary as the rest of the demons discuss the borrowed — Sam and Mattie make a Zombie film (2021), the old – Scary Bride (2020), and the new – Threshold (2021). Come listen to Brannyk and Jim in awe of Voodoo Priestess going on camera for the first time ever. See the gang gasp at Voodoo when she picks a movie from this millennium! Giggle along with the gang as the Mystery Train starts the secret game!

All this and more on the next Streamin’ Demons!

Jim isn’t playing! He’s already has Darcy’s Partreon page locked and loaded for his ex-anniversary so he can binge out on Last Drive In Goodness (and like a metric tonne of Jack Daniels). Check out her page here: Darcy’s Patreon here it is!

Where to watch Sam and Mattie make a zombie movie, Threshold, and Scary Bride

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