In this episode of Streamin’ Demons, the Demons tackle a Hammer Horror classic The Gorgon (old), the ‘Guy Pearce as a chauffeur’ aka The Seventh Day (new), and ‘two aholes and a dude take a hike’ aka The Shrine (borrowed). Come join our special guest Xander and Forever Co-Host Voodoo Priestess wonder how Jim thought Morgan Stewart was a horror movie… Whilst Xander drops a plug for a new feature on HauntedMTL as Jim waxes about the indy gem that is Noel David Taylor’s Man Under Table. Meanwhile, Voodoo Priestess continues her fixation on Jim’s Deep review. All this and more on the next Streamin’ Demons!

Where to watch the Gorgon, Seventh Day, Man Under Table, and The Shrine

Noel David Taylor’s Man Under Table is dropping on ARROW on August 2. For the rest of the movies mentioned, you’ll have to click on through. If you buy, we get some $ (sponsored links)

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