On our ‘now legal to drink, drive, vote, and crap in the woods’ episode of Streamin’ Demons, the Demons are joined by a Chucky and a Shark fanatic – that’s right, we have Viy (the old), 100 Candles (the new), Martyrs (the blue), and Halloween Kills (borrowed). Come join us as Dave wonders why JM Brannyk and Voodoo Priestess can’t hear him (spoiler – rhymes with Pok-e-fawn Moe). Ponder with Jim how Voodoo can make everything about wall rape. All this and more on the next Streamin’ Demons!

Where to watch Halloween Kills, Viy, or 100 Candles, Martyrs?

If you want to view any of the movies check these out (Sponsored Links from Amazon do earn us $$)

100 Candles Movie and Martyrs are on Prime Video 🙂

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