Undead and Uncut – Live!

As Payne takes over we find ourselves in the world of Megadeth beer and pole dancing mice. Just another day at the ranch.

Are you into beer? Are you into Megadeth? If the answer is ‘fux yeaz’ to both of these questions, you have to check out Megadeth beer! The two flavors (Payne’s favorite is A tout le monde–and Jimbo thinks Saison 13 is pretty damn tasty) are out of this world. Megadeth beer! It’s like having a party in your mouth and Payne is invited (note to self: Never let Payne write the ad copy).

Don’t believe us? Click on through (not an ad, but by god the number of times Payne name drops this beer in his podcasts they might as well sponsor us).

Jim Phoenix

El Jefe

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