Megadeth Beer + @JacksonGalaxy* + GivingToCharity = Win!

Remember, we are giving away money to five different foodbanks/food drives until Halloween for every listen we get. Plus a super special offer if anyone DMs/Tweets us a copy of a charity receipt (doesn’t have to be one of the foodbanks we are donating to), we’ll hook them up with a free pdf copy of 101 Proof Horror anthology.

If you want your own copy of the print version, click on through. Remember, it is a paid placement (for our own book, so you figure that out…). If you want a pdf copy of it–you know what to do. Donate to your favorite charity (or one of ours!) and show us the receipt from now til Halloween and we’ll send you a code for a free pdf version.

*We mention his name but he is not in this podcast or even knows that we exist.

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