Summer has always played a special part when it came to me watching horror movies in the blistering heat. I have a theme and each year I like to take part in my themes as best I can. For the summer season, I always have a list of certain summery horror films that I watch just for the hell of it while sipping on a red slushie. So, today instead of a review, I thought it would be fun to share with you my top five ‘summer’ horror movies.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Its a cliche I know but bear with me. I know what you did last summer was the staple horror flick to watch back in the 90s and if you, like me, were still too young to even witness Jim Gillespie’s teen horror in theatres then you will know that VHS/DVD was the only way for a sneaky little horror junkie like myself could my claws on at age 11. Spawning several sequels, I know what you did last summer became a summer favorite of mine to watch in the summer holidays, holed up in my room with lots of junk food and copious amounts of dr pepper, life couldn’t get any more blissful. I know it’s not very scary but I still enjoy the plot. It’s even gotten a parody in Scary Movie 2 which as bloody cheesy as it is, I still love! A killer with a hook for a hand running around in a yellow mac is kinda entertaining. Even to this day I follow my traditions and watch this bad boy. Not to mention it features a very young Jennifer Love Hewit and Sarah Michelle Gellar, two nineties scream queens!

Friday The 13th

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t have to be summer to watch this flick but I always felt it had a summery sort of feel. With the film focusing around summer camp at crystal lake, there was no way that I couldn’t slip this one by. Friday the 13th needs no introduction. Every horror fan is quite aware of the plot and is evident why I just had to feature this on my list. This 80s slasher has impacted my love for horror on a whole new level to the point where I have the crazed masked killer tattooed on my arm! 

Sleepaway Camp

Yes, another cheesy 80s flick but duh, the 80s had the best horror movies! Still sticking with the summer camp theme Sleepaway Camp was always the campy horror flick that I watched at a friends sleepover huddled beneath a pile of blankets. I don’t know why as the film isn’t that scary but to a child, the imagination is a wondrous thing, therefore, it just had to be on this list. 


Oh no, not the remake! I’m talking about the 1978 version starring Bradford Dillman and Heather – Menzies – Urich. Another childhood experience all thanks to the gory courtesy of my mother. It is thanks to her that I had a troublesome time of going to the seaside in fear that my toes were going to get eaten and stripped bare to the bone by tiny little sharp-toothed nasties. The ideology of fish attacking you and eating you alive is pretty gross. Piranha is one of my fav old school movies and one that needs more recognition. Would you want to stick your feet in any sort of ocean after watching this? Something tells me you would not! 


I bet some of you guessed that this would feature. This inclusion is an ode to my mother of sorts as she loves shark films. Directed by the infamous Steven Spielberg, the 1970s was a time where the shit was put up everyone who visited an ocean whilst vacationing. Every horror fan knows the plot to jaws. A terrifying great white shark slips into shallow waters and begins killing unsuspecting victims as they bob about on their yellow banana floats. I had to include jaws as the film is very tensing and also very off-putting when you actually sit down and think about the impact of the possibility that something like that could happen in real life. Creepy AF if you ask me.

And there you have it my top five horror movies to watch in the summer! Hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to recommend me any other movies to add to my tradition! Stay spooky!