Attack Of The Zombies

Zombie movies are pretty predictable and there are rarely few that master the art of creating the feeling of discomfort and unease. I happened to stumble on a gem whilst scrolling through my catalog on Netflix and was very pleasantly surprised by what I uncovered. The Night Eats The World is a 2018 French horror film directed by Dominique Roacher and based on the Novel of the same name by Pit Agarmen. The film follows the story arc of a young man waking up in a room after a wild party only to discover that Paris has been invaded by Zombies!

When reading the synopsis it sounds like a standard zombie movie, however, I found that I enjoyed it more than any other zombie film I have watched this year so far. The main character Sam played by Anders Danielsen Lie does a fantastic job of portraying madness and survival. The film is gripping and has the ability to keep the viewer on the edge of the seat whilst not trying very hard at all.

One thing I enjoyed the most about The Night Eats The World is the lack of actors involved. Yes, there are plenty of actors in the film itself playing zombies but I mean actors playing a human companion to the main protagonist! The plot was sad and propelled the viewer into survival mode, I often felt as if I was in the film with Sam fighting for my life beside him. Although slow at times the film hits hard at home with reality. The emotions evoked when witnessing the main protagonist slipping into madness is harrowing and heartbreaking. The acting is very well executed and with such a basic film setting succeeded in creating a hauntingly lonely atmosphere.

Zombie Pets = Universal Threats!

And now we come to the actual terror of the film. The zombies! They don’t look any different to the normal zombie but the way they move and sound or should I say don’t sound that really unnerved me. Sam throughout the film manages to obtain a ‘pet’ zombie of sorts named Alfred. Alfred was once his neighbor and is used as a metaphor for Sams descent into madness, his only attachment to his previous life before the invasion. The zombies in this film are rather alarming with their silent clicking, blood-stained jaws, clouded lifeless eyes and a ravenous hunger for human flesh. They made me very uncomfortable.

All in all The Night Eats The world is a good horror flick to watch on Netflix. I highly recommend this one! An enjoyable watch.