Bunny Love

There’s nothing I love more than discovering foreign horror.  Bunny The Killer Thing has definitely been added to my collection of ‘what the fuck’ horror, a catagory containing entertainingly awful horror comedy.

Now, before I get into this review be warned that there will be explicit descriptions of bunny sex,  bunny dick, and bunny rape and basically everything killer bunny related. A sexed up killer bunny hellbent on hunting down pussy to satisfy his bunny cunny lust! Sounds like it’s right up your alley? Well get ready for it gore whores because Bunny The Killer Thing is the most weirdly hilarious indie horror flick that i’ve seen in a long time.

Released in 2015 by Dark Lion Pictures Bunny The Killer thing hopped onto the small screen from writer and director Joonas Makkonen. While the blood and gore was incredible throughout this flick the plot was was thin and messy. Some characters seemed very one dimensional where others just seemed irrelevant.

Hop and Chop

A group of young horny friends end up at a lodge for a fun-filled trip of booze and sex. On their way to the cabin, the group encounters three British men whose car has broken down. The three men end up spending the night with the Finnish teens cue a night of debauchery and floppy -eared mutant fun to begin.

The acting is cringy but to be expected. There are many non bunny related scenes which were awkward just on their own. However, the whole reason why I am even reviewing this flick is simply because of its ability to make me laugh and cringe all at once. The title alone tells you what you’re in for but the experience of watching a giant man sized bunny running around with a footlong penis can’t even compare. The image of  the bunny man twirling his dick around like a helicopter has forever been engraved into my brain

There are gore scenes a plenty. Heads exploding, genitals being ripped off in thick, slick fatty pieces, flesh being bitten and torn off, pulsating bunny vagina’s, it’s just great. At first I was skeptical when I began watching this but being an explicit gore horror fan I actually loved this movie. Bunny The Killer Thing is definitely a treat for horror fans everywhere!