Contrary to the lackluster Episode 6, this episode is hard-hitting with never-ending action – a spectacular turnaround episode.

A Weird Threesome: Sam / Maryann / Daphne

We begin back at Maryann’s party, where she was clearly going to sacrifice Sam. Andy stumbles on the scene and fires his weapon. This gives Sam enough time to escape.

Sam and Daphne find each other at the dock they swam together at later that day. Daphne tells Sam that Maryann is basically the devil and that dying for her is a worthy cause. Daphne reveals that she is in love with Maryann and would do anything for her. This turns out to be not so in her favor when Maryann murders her later in the episode.

In the Basement

In the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun, Hugo and Sookie still remain trapped. Huge begins to freak out since he is actually claustrophobic, but Sookie calms him. I kind of wish she hadn’t after what she discovers next.

Steve and Gabe come to the basement for information from the pair and Hugo gives them their real names. When they hear that Sookie is Jason’s sister, they storm off. Sookie sends a telepathic message to Barry asking him to tell Bill that she is in danger.

Shortly after, Sookie learns that Hugo is the traitor when she listens in on his thoughts. Hugo tries to get Gabe to release him, but Sookie reminds him that the Fellowship doesn’t like him either because he’s a fangbanger.

Bill’s Background

Lorena still keeps Bill trapped inside his hotel room. No matter how many distress cries he hears from Sookie, Lorena will not let him escape.

We get many flashbacks of Bill resisting Lorena’s ways of murdering humans for fun. We see how their relationship ended. Bill insisted he could never love her and demanded to be released. She did so.

Gettin’ It On

Hoyt and Jessica share an extremely intimate moment this episode when they both confess that they are virgins and want to lost their virginities to each other. I live for this wholesome relationship. It has brought Jessica back to her humanity and given her a reason to live carefully.

The Rescue Mission

Isabel and Eric observe the church from outside the compound. Eric asks Isabel if anything is wrong inside. She denies it, saying that if Hugo was in distress, she would know as he is hers. Eric continues saying that he doesn’t believe a mortal is capable of kidnapping Godric.

When Barry shows up at Bill’s hotel room and delivers Sookie’s message of distress, Eric dashes from his room next door.

Jason’s Mistake

We cut to Jason having finished desecrating the preacher’s wife. Sarah is convinced she is in love with Jason and that they must tell Steve immediately. Jason convinces Sarah that they wait until after the lock-in tonight.

After Steve and Gabe learn that Sookie is Jason’s sister, they believe he is a mole. They snatch him up and try to question him. It’s clear that Jason believes they have found out about his affair with Sarah, but Steve and Gabe are actually angry that they let him close since they believe his is a rat.

Steve has Gabe take Jason out in the woods to murder him, but Jason escapes.

Steve has a private conversation with Sarah before the lock-in about Jason. Sarah drives up to Jason running away in a golf cart. Jason thinks she is there to rescue him, but instead, she shoots him point blank.

The Ending

The final scene is one where Gabe enters the basement after Jason escapes. He is so angry that he attempts to rape Sookie. Godric appears and saves her.

This episode was the opposite of the last one. It was compelling and interesting. This one was a true stunner.

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