I have to say I’ve been enjoying my Netflix binge of late. There are a lot of horror films that are being bypassed or considered not ‘review’ worthy floating around the worldwide streaming platform, but I beg to differ. As a film reviewer, it is of utmost importance to review lesser known movies as well as the mainstream. David Bruckner 2017s survival horror film ‘The Ritual is one of those pleasantly surprising exceptions.’ The film is based on the novel of the same name by Adam Nevill.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

The film revolves around a group of college friends who, after the death of their friend on a night out, reunite six months later to go on a memorial hiking trip to Sweden to honor their fallen comrade. But of course, with every trip to woods a dark, malevolent force is soon to ensue. This British flick surprised me in many ways. The acting was believable and the film featured a few familiar faces such as Sam Troughton (Alien V Predator) and Rafe Spall which is always refreshing to see.

I absolutely loved the gloomy setting. The dark, secluded forest is the perfect set up for a scary horror movie. Just look at The Blair Witch Project. With its ability to impose discomposure on the viewer The Ritual really is a film to watch. The film intensifies the horror the further the red bar ticks by but its the build-up that is the most frightening thing about the movie, that is until the insidious darkness reveals its true form, which is quite shit box widening in my opinion ha. I’m not one for spoiling movies as I believe a person should make up their own mind about a film but I will say that the creature design was very well executed and sent me into a state of vexation for the remainder of the night.

Camp Terror

The Ritual is a British gem in the horror genre packed with mythical legends, Nordic magic and a whole bunch of ‘what the fuck’ scenarios. If you like blood and gore then The Ritual will appease your bloodthirsty tastes but is also versatile with its storytelling ability. I think this is why I enjoyed The Ritual, it was horrifyingly eclectic and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. I’ve never read the book but now knowing that the film is based on a novel I expect my sticky horror fingers to find myself a copy to no doubt compare and review!