Our very special guest, Andrea Perron, tops off our ‘Bathsheba: Search for Evil’ interview series on What’s Kraken? We go deep in the woods on this one and cover everything from Andrea’s early background to the Warrens to Conjuring to Bathsheba: Search for Evil to life, the universe, and everything. If you ever wanted to know the true story behind the most famous haunted house in history, then this is a must-hear podcast (and soon to be video on our YouTube channel!)

Good conquers evil – Love conquers fear

Andrea Perron

Not only can you learn more about Andrea Perron and her experiences in Bathsheba: Search for Evil, but you can also get your own copy of her smash hit book series: House of Darkness House of Light. In fact, we believe in the books so much that we are giving away a copy of all three books (via Kindle) to four of our lucky listeners! Just tweet at us or slide into our DMs for a chance at your own copy (for freeeeeeee).

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