Hey everyone, Jimbo here — this session gets pretty raunchy so if you are offended by rats pleasuring themselves or people with hook hands pleasuring themselves or just pleasuring themselves in general, this is NOT your episode. If you think any of the above might be fun to hear (it was fun to hear and this is probably the gang’s best work together with some Awesomesauce editing/score work by Brannyk) then sit on back and get your ears and grey cells prepared for the ass-salt (yeup, that pun is the pretest). OH! And if you like this — drop us a line. We really might publish the ‘half finished’ book…

Wowie wow, what a treat for the Halloween season! Brannyk, Voodoo Priestess, and Audrey III spice things up with an halloween erotica Write Off sesh.

Chosen at random, our writers will get things steamy for this Halloween season, or perhaps some of our favorite monsters might find love! With unlikely pairings, star-crossed lovers, and all the teenage drama, how can you go wrong with this amazing podcast.

So, sit back, light some candles, sacrifice a virgin, and prepare to be abducted by the super duper hot and sultry words of some of your favorite writers at Haunted MTL.

**Accidental turn ons are at your own risk. If turned on, please see your doctor or health care provider

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