The Bully HACs are at it again!

In this final episode of the Bully trilogy, Parzz1val schools us on the book vs movie, we learn more about teen CourtCourt, and J.M. Brannyk demands more crabs eating out assholes.

In this final part, we also discuss the role of dominance in relationships, toxic masculinity, and cultural appropriation. And for some reason, Deep Blue Sea….

Some cool hiphop/rap artists Brannyk likes are: Busdriver; MegaRan; Richie Branson; leikeli47; Run the Jewels; Tyler, The Creator; Drake; and Big Sean (Detroit!!!).

Want to help the site out and check out all the Bully hype? Click on over the book and read for yourself. Come back with some comments and weigh in on your thoughts!

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