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High Art Camp – S1E4 – Bully, part 2

Warnings: This episode broaches the subjects of rape, domestic abuse, sexual assault, violence, murder, sexuality, cultural appropriation, homophobia…the whole gamut, as we take a deeper dive into the story of Bully, including the real events and book that the movie was based on. Three critics boldly scale topics such as artistic interpretation, body issues, teen sexuality, and their impact from early 2000’s culture to today. Special guest featuring CourtCourt.

Jim Phoenix
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High Art Camp – S1E3 – #Bully (2001) Part 1 (Spoilers: not exactly a #feminist or #LGBTQ friendly movie)

Come join us for the movie that will make and break us – 2001’s Bully! This one is definitely not for kids, surfers, or nipple twisters. Sexuality, race, and identity all come into play with this doozy of a film, so grab a goblet of your cheapest box wine and join us at High Art Camp’s Bully: Part 1

Jim Phoenix
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