Big props to @BrannykJ for the killer intro and editing!

In this new episode of Haunted MTL’s Stream Demons, Voodoo Priestess, J.M. Brannyk, and Jim Phoenix sit down to talk about three movies now streaming and available. With our format, something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue, Voodoo Priestess chooses the old on Tubi, Brannyk chooses the borrowed on GooglePlay, and Jim chooses the new on Netflix.

Feel free to join in our conversations @hauntedmtl or our website as we discuss the merits/detriments of subtitles, the Tab of movies, and amazing deaths. #LostVoyage #GhostsofWar #Parallel @IsaacEzban.

Here are links (sponsored) for the movies discussed 🙂

Jim Phoenix

El Jefe

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