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Hey, everyone! Jimbo here 🙂 Today on Streamin Demons we cover Streaming Horror with the new (Two Sentence Horror Stories), the borrowed (Freaky), and the old (Vampire’s Kiss).

Come here Jim tell stories about Nick Cage whilst Voodoo swears she’s not playing Pokemon and CourtCourt provides an energetic spark with her rendition of ‘thank god, this podcast isn’t about bully!’. All this and more on the next Streamin’ Demons!

Streaming horror has never been as good as it is now with Shudder, Prime, Apple, Arrow, and Netflix leading the way (sorry, I’m Canadian, so Hulu is like a mystery, eh?)! We had to wait a bit for Freaky to come down from ‘for sale’ to ‘for rent’. But once it did, Jimbo put down the law (and about $5 Canadian) and reviewed the crap out of it! Although he disagreed with some of Brannyk’s review of Freaky, the outcome was only a star off!

If you want to check the book/movie/show out, feel free to click on below via Amazon. Remember, if you buy, we do get $.

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