Warning: Several Trigger areas ahead including Suicide discussion, and police violence done to one of our podcasters.

Doctor Payne was nice enough to allow me to take over his episode and Brannyk was their brilliant self in support. Caution: We do a deep dive into Racism, BLM, homophobia, LGBTQ, Quebec Cops, LeVar Burton, Terry Crews, Brooklyn 99, Suicide, and how to give/educate/band together.

‘[It’s a lived experience that] even when you surrender peacefully, you can still end up dead’


I apologize in advance for some of my language. I used humor as a deflection as a built in defense mechanism. I’m not always polished. If I used a phrase or a term incorrectly or ‘old way of using it’–feel free to point it out (politely) and I’ll do my best to correct myself (thank JM for correcting me a few times during the podcast!).


If you are a POC and/or LGBTQ and want a voice or to debate this topic or anything in the horror world–contact me. I’ll give you an interview on a podcast. Hell, I might even give you your own podcast.

Give Give Give

To give click on through here for Trevor Projecthere for BLMhere for Ottawa Food bankhere for NAACP legal fundhere for suicide helpline in Valleyfield/Vaudreuil/StLazare area of Quebec.

Check out the books from today’s podcast…

To check out some of the books we mentioned today. If you buy them via the link, we’ll get a small % of the profits and a little bit goes a long way to help. Click on through below (if you have Duckduckgo or other blockers up, you might not be able to see these books we’ve listed here but they are all available on Amazon):

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