Shudder’s Creepshow is back for another season of the mental equivalent of deep-fried Oreos. Its warm and gooey bloody goodness hearkens back to a time when horror wasn’t here to teach us a lesson. It’s just there to be gratuitously gory in all the best ways.

Let’s take a look at the first episode, which just came out today. After a chilling horror comic intro, we’re treated to a classic tale of a lonely kid being bullied by an asshat adult. It’s called Model Kid.

Joe is a kid in a bad situation. His loving mother is dying of cancer and he has no friends outside of his monster movie models. Things get even worse when his mother dies. This lands him square in the hands of his pushover aunt Barb and abusive uncle Kevin. 

Fortunately, Joe has a lot of friends. And they’ve got his back. 

The actor playing Joe did a great job. Keep an eye on him, little Brock Duncan. So long as he doesn’t end up going crazy like other child actors, he should have a bright future. 

The actor playing Uncle Kevin, not so much. I’ve seen better acting in my local theater. Hell, I’ve seen better acting in the emergency room from pill seekers. I can sum up the quality of their acting in one interaction. 

Uncle Kevin says to little Joe, “It’s my job to make you a man.” And little Joe says, “Thanks?” 

A cliche line delivered poorly, followed by a funny line delivered with perfection. 

Now let’s take a look at the second story, Public Television of The Dead. 

This story felt like a love letter to George Romero, who got his start on a Pittsburgh public access tv show called Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood. 

Set in Pittsburgh, this story is about a copy of the Necronomicon that finds its way onto an antique show. The host reads some of it out loud and starts a zombie outbreak in the studio. The zombie rips his way through the cast of the antique show, then moves onto the star of Mrs. Bookberry. She, by the way, is a racist monster.

Fortunately, there’s a hero in the studio. A man who resembles but is legally distinct from Bob Ross. He’s a sweet, kind man who came home from Vietnam and just wants to paint lovely paintings on public tv. Too bad there’s a zombie outbreak and he has to stab one in the back of the head with a paintbrush.

Romero fans will be drooling over this story. It’s full of references to Night of The Living Dead, and Mr. Romero’s first job. George and Mr. Rodgers would both be proud. 

Don’t miss this episode of Creepshow. It was delightful deadly fun that everyone should see.