Things ramp up this episode with the Ice Truck Killer showing exactly how much they invaded Dexter’s home. 

Body parts start showing up around town. First, a hand sitting on a beach towel. Right on a spot at the beach where Dexter remembers sitting for a photo as a child.

Later, a foot is found at a park where he used to play soccer. 

This leaves Dexter in an uncomfortable position. He had clues all his own, that the police don’t have. He knows exactly which photo album the Ice Truck Killer is working from. There are a finite number of places the killer might leave another body part. But Dexter, of course, can’t tell the police what he knows. How would he ever explain it?

Of course, time is a factor once the police realize the body parts are being cut off a living person. Not that Dexter cares. He’s too busy worrying over what his ghoulish playmate is trying to tell him. 

While that’s going on, Rita’s dealing with a challenge of her own. Her next-door neighbor has a dog she is not caring for well. The poor thing is barking at all hours of the day and night, keeping the kids up. When Rita politely asks her to take the dog inside and care for it properly, the woman shows her bitch side.

This woman needs to learn to be a better dog mom.

The series of Doakes continues as well. After some of his fellow cops don masks and beat up a drug dealer, the cartel starts following Doakes around. They think he’s involved because he showed up at the Confirmation party of the daughter of the cartel leader. Not the best place to harass someone like that.

All of this takes place on the backdrop of Halloween. I honestly can’t say this did a whole lot for the story. It seems like it’s only Halloween so Rita can dress up as Laura Croft while she takes her relationship to the next level with Dexter. 

Dealing with dog neglecting neighbors is what it takes to get Rita in the mood.

This was a satisfying episode. We saw some growth from Rita, and all the storylines progressed nicely. While we’re no closer to finding out who the Ice Truck Killer is, the ride is still worth the price of admission. 

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