‘Stay away from Captain Howdy.’ That is the lyric, isn’t it? I saw Strangeland a few years ago. I think I had to rob a RedBox to watch it. What brought me to the movie was Dee Snider. Yes, I am an SMF. I remember seeing Twisted Sister live with Sebastian Bach before and stuff like that sticks with you (in a good or bad way). This movie made me see Dee Snider in a different way.

Snider writes this film which is part creepfest and part warning of a pre-dawn internet free for all. The movie feeds in on our fears of the online creepoid stalking the net waiting to meet either a young girl/boy or Chris Hansen. (For the record: If you are on his show enough to have your GPS listing the target house as a ‘favourite’ then you might want to rethink your life choices.) It taps into those fears and gives us a bit of a ‘look at me!’ type venture.

Can you identify with Snider’s character of Captain Howdy? Isn’t that the sign of a good writer? No matter how much of a monster the villain is, there is something identifiable about the man. Did Snider go a bit too far in insane isolation? Give the movie a whirl and find out. I think we are all a bit Captain Howdy in some aspect.


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