What can I tell you about Sharknado that you don’t already know? It is probably the biggest cult hit of recent years (enough to spawn a small franchise) and it is part of the highest rated show ever to appear on the SciFi network. That’s right, the sequel actually beat out BSG. If that doesn’t make your mind explode then maybe this revelation will push you over the edge. Sharknado is also the first sign–ever–that Tara Reid can, indeed, read. We know this because that is how she delivers most of her lines.

The acting isn’t bad. Who doesn’t like to see Steve aka Biker Mouse from Mars dude aka Blondie McMuscles in a big screen (depending on the size of your tv) production? The writing is pretty something too. But what brings this movie into its own is the idea. The sure balls of the person coming up with the script to pitch makes this film stellar.

A bunch of sharks taking over Cali? Boring. A tornado that rips through LA? Seen it.  But a tornado that is made up from a bunch of sharks? You mean Jaws really can show up in my toilet? Now, we’re talking.

It just goes to show that if you dream big and put in the hard work needed, even if those dreams include sharks spinning in mid-air, you really can pull off something amazing.

Jim Phoenix

El Jefe

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