conjuringThe Conjuring. If you believe in ‘true case’ studies in the paranormal (or not), The Conjuring still comes in strong with its story building. All too often do we see a horror movie go for the effects and the scares instead of building the story. If you build the story, if you invest time into the characters, then you will have something strong.

One of the tricks to Creative Non-Fiction is to have your specific story reach and connect with a general audience. If you have a novel that is all about you, then the only person who really is interested in it is–you. Even celeb autobiographies have the core human traits exposed. For a great example of this, one needs to look no further than Artie Lange’s book, Crash and Burn. In Crash and Burn, Lange exposes the raw nerve of addiction and does so in a way that connects to people who have dealt with addiction directly or through family and friends. A case can also be made with Jim Breuer’s book,

A case can also be made with Jim Breuer’s book,  I’m Not High. Breuer is a master story teller. His stories work because he can connect the experiences he had in his neighborhood, and later with is dad, with a very human connection of empathy.  Breuer connects with the reader and makes them give a damn even if they do not have the same experience because he makes a real connection with every character in his book. (Note: If you do buy Jim’s book, make sure you pick up the Audio Book version. His audio book is the reason why audio books exist.)

Both of these books resemble exactly the story that The Conjuring brings. They all make a connection to what makes us human. They tell us, ‘You are not alone’ and, in doing so, they demonstrate that emotion can be generated for a person you do not know because that person already tapped into the primal force of ‘you’.

The Conjuring taps into that force and it does so with a grace that makes you wonder ‘is this real?’. If, by the end, you have to google the subject matter of a movie (horror or not) then that artist has done his job–a lesson worthy of study through this film (and one to adopt in your own writing!).



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