In The Boulet Brothers  Dragula’s Episode, 2 things get hot and sweaty. Literally. In this episode we find ourselves watching the eight remaining drag queens take on the challenge of taking inspiration from 80s ladies of wrestling. Yep, you got it, in this episode the ghouls have to step into a leotard of their own to get ready to throw down for the crown! So be prepared for lots of wig tearing, teeth bearing, corpse tossing action.

The episode starts off with the wrestling outfit challenge and holy hell did the queens deliver. So many killer looks staggered around the stage along with copious amounts of blood spewing and pustulous postures owning the stage. Celebrity judge and the Picasso to the queens; Magnus Hastings joins the Boulet Brothers for the sexy second episode. 

Muddy Hell!

First up on the rack is Meatball, ring name Meatball Supreme serving up her buns in a tight yellow and red leotard, cavorting around the stage whilst munching the burger! The look is simple yet holds true to a typical 80s style wrester. Melissa Befierce slinks in next as Kitty Kunt, dressed up like a low-budget cat woman stand-in. the outfit does scream the 80s but something is definitely missing. It almost feels too cutsie for a filthy, gorgeous, horror drag competition. 

Bloodbath In A Mudbath!

Foxie Adjuia flushes in looking like a pile of shit, literally! Her outfit is blatantly shitty and does not impress the judges much except for her execution and concept. Loris and my favorite out of them all in this episode slides out as Nuclear Nellie looking like Frankenstein’s hooker. Her outfit is simple but gorgeously put together. The colors are neon and scream 80’s. Next out is Ursual Major looking more the 70s than 80s in flares and a crop top. Vander Von Odd rushes out like a v for vendettaesque flayed bull ringmaster as the Matadarling. The outfit is creative but it is the makeup skills that stand out. Xochi Mochi emerges from her lagoon as The Lizard Queen as she slips her way over the stage, gills flaring and pointy teeth chattering, dying to take a bite for lunch. Frankie bursts out as The Pink Flamingo looking like nothing else but a pink flamingo with giant tits!

Loris, Vander Von Odd, Foxie Adjuia and Meatball find themselves doing the best for this week’s challenge leaving  Melissa Befierce, Ursula Major, Frankie Doom and Xochi Mochi facing off in the extermination challenge. 

Killer Queen!

The extermination challenge this week is mud wrestling… the death! After a slippery battle between the queens facing off against each other in pairs, they all cut and claw for the win but only one ends up taking the flush. Ursula Major finds herself exterminated after being attacked in a sleazy, grubby bathroom, wig down the toilet lapping murky bog bowl water in hopes of surviving.

 Unfortunately, when you gotta go, you gotta go!