2019’s psychological thriller Ma is a look into what happens whenwe both grow up too fast and fail to grow up. The concept is pretty interesting and particularly timely. With social media turning desperate nobodies into online stars and parents publicizing their and their children’s lives for fame, money and praise, Ma hits a nerve on the dangers of modern culture and missing what’s important.

Ma explores the motivations of young people and social acceptance, as well as atoning for sins and accepting responsibility for past actions and inaction. The generations tide may pass with time, but who bears the brunt of history’s blights?

I prefer the idea of Ma to the movie. Octavia Spencer single-handedly carries the entire film. She is at once an empathetic character and soulless villain.

The teen romance was the worst part of the movie, as it usually is. I would have preferred more focus on the adults and the effects their life choice’s have on their kids rather than repetitious scenes of partying and incredibly uncomfortable moments.

You’ll certainly squirm, but Ma won’t move you. With an IMDB rating of 5.9/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer of 56% and Audience Score of 64%, I give Title a 6.0/10.