There was a lot of misdirection in this episode of Wheel of Time. If you read the books, you’re probably really annoyed with the people who’ve only watched the show. If you don’t know what I mean, then I’ll do my best not to spoil it for you. 

We’ll start with Lan, Moiraine, and Nynaeve. They found a group of Aes Sedai who were able to heal Moiraine and shelter them. Unfortunately, they’re Red Aes Sedai, who tend to not be big fans of, well, guys.

In this episode, we learn a bit more about the relationships between Aes Sedai and their Warders. A warder is someone who’s bonded to an Aes Sedai. Usually a man. They’re not spouses, though some get freaky with each other. They’re not servants or bodyguards. They are partners, in the purest sense of the word. Which is why you’ll see a Warder lose his entire shit near the end of this episode and do something very stupid.

Perrin and Egwene are still with the Tinkers. And Aram is doing his level best to get with Egwene.

Meanwhile, Perrin is seduced by the Tinker’s lives. They are pure pacifists, they don’t take up arms against anyone for any reason. Not to protect themselves, not to avenge murdered loved ones. Not even if their football team wins the Big Game.

If you’ll recall, Perrin accidentally murdered his wife in the first episode. I didn’t shed any tears, seeing as how she wasn’t even in the books and didn’t seem to like him that much. But it’s messing with him. So of course the offer of complete pacifism appeals to him.

Mat and Rand are also growing close to their new friend, Thom. And Thom is just getting fucking cooler by the second. Also, more useful. 

See, Mat’s been acting weird. Not like, a young man going through life changes so sometimes he’s a prick weird. More like, what was that weird black shit pooling out of his mouth and why does he look like someone’s going down on him while he’s staring into those shadows weird. And this seems familiar to Thom because his nephew acted the same way.

The cause for this behavior was that the kid was able to channel. You remember that’s not something men are supposed to do. And if they do channel, then they are quickly gentled. Do you remember the end of One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest? How Randle looked after his lobotomy? Yeah, it’s like that.

But let’s get back to the big story. The one that set the internet on fire. 

The Aes Sedai are keeping the ‘false dragon’ Logain, in a prison made up mostly of their power. This is exhausting. And it’s not helped by his arguments that they should not only let him go but join his army. His persuasive arguments.

Oh, that’s right he has an army. One that attacks the camp in force. And a Warder, after losing his Aes Sedai, decides the best way to deal with Logaine is to cut him to bits. It kind of feels like someone would have done that already if they could, but love your confidence, Bro.

This backfires and kills nearly everyone in the room. Then something happens that’s had the entire internet in an absolute uproar. I don’t want to ruin it for you, because it’s kind of spectacular. I’ll only say to you what I said while watching it. Everyone in that room just had a come to Jesus moment, and that Jesus is Nynaeve.

I’m not the only one counting the minutes until the next episode, I’m sure. 

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