I’m Mick McGee from Byte Sized Horrors and I want to tell you about a spoooooky story coming from the United Kingdom! Here is the best of the best from Tariq Sharif called ‘Forgotten Treasures’! Enjoy this story as we kick off the first season of the Byte Sized Horrors podcast for kids!

Forgotten Treasures by Tariq Sharif

Every Saturday, Tristan would wander around the city dump, absent-mindedly, from dusk till dawn. He was retching because of the musty winds, which were blowing the orange dust creating a mini sandstorm. His torn, worn-out shirt was capering in the winds and he used it as a mask whenever he bent down to inspect an ancient treasure. The smell of ancient, rusty objects wafted around his dusty nose. As he roamed the dump, the rat droppings’ stench tingled it as well. Wandering against his will, he curiously scavenged for mysterious things he could study and caress. To most, these things were detritus, however; to him, they were amazing artifacts. The dark-hearted, black, cawing crows almost made his ears bleed- their feathers falling as they were barely flying and each one gave him the message to leave

An old pirate’s compass whispered to him, face shattered, and the shards of glass spread all over the floor. In its dying breath, a mahogany, grandfather clock stole this curious boy’s interest in anything else when it chimed six times even though it was deep in the earth. He gaped in awe when he glimpsed an enormous, scarred and scorched rocket! He pondered what foolish person would have left a rocket that was hardly rusty at all. Tristan pretended to watch a TV show on the battered television set; yet there was one thing that grabbed his attention the most.

This thing was made of splintered wood and burnished metal. It had ancient, engraved patterns on the top and it had a rusty keyhole. “What is this?” he asked himself. It was blood-dark colored, with bits of silver. Carefully, Tristan lifted the box and blew. A giant cloud of dust formed and made him burst out a heavy bout of cough. As twilight appeared, he carried the box home but this unexpecting boy couldn’t have imagined what would happen next.

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