You may not know you’re caught in the middle of an alien encounter until you’re already tentacle deep…

a beautifully maintained/restored vintage automobile as seen in Wichita KS, which makes for a great unassuming UFO in our alien encounter
an unassuming UFO out for a joyride

The vehicle had sped off into the distance, leaving only a minor trail of carnage and a string of confused cows in its wake.  The planet never knew what hit it.  A couple of freewheeling teenage Gardiphs from Alpha Centauri had been cruisin the strip and things had gotten out of tentacle, but only a little.

the aliens take it to the country, enjoying the fields sweeping by and looking for cows, like they do., in this alien encounter
taking it to the country and looking for cows is an alien coming-of-age tradition…

Yeah, the sky had caught fire and was sending a signal beacon straight into the high atmosphere.  No big deal.  Earth was a backwoods kind of place, great for boozing it up, cow tipping, and intertwining.  Not a lot of intergalactic law enforcement came by.  Nobody really cared all that much except for maybe the lunar-schooner soil huggers, and no one listened to them anyway.  The teens knew they weren’t going to get caught.  Even if they did it’d be a slap on the tentacle at best.

another image of the country drive with a blast of light shooting off into the atmosphere from their signal beacon
the signal beacon hung high in the dimming sky

So the signal beacon didn’t really matter and it was kind of pretty, especially when you were tripped out on pilfered Jupiter Juice from your parents’ stash.  The Gardiphs had had their fun and liked to think that maybe some of the cows did too, especially after getting lubed up on Jupiter Juice and the intertwining.  Time to convert the wheelz back to true form and fly outta this place.

converting their vehicle back into its proper UFO form and getting ready for liftoff
having had their fun, it’s time to convert the UFO and high tail it home

You can read another unassuming alien encounter story here on Haunted MTL. This one was written by Jennifer Weigel’s beloved cat Ginger.

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Portrait of myself with dark makeup and crow skull headdress, backlit by the sun.
Portrait of myself with dark makeup and crow skull headdress, backlit by the sun.
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