The Hutchinson Art Center invited me back for more figure modeling for Halloween in 2021, so I thought I’d share some images of that session here. Last time, you caught me skeleton sitting, which is where my portrait photograph came from. This time, I was a spellbound witch reading up on spells, hexes and incantations…

a witch sits reading her book Speels, Hexes & Incantations by Witch Way Publishing, wearing her patterned finery surrounded by candles, a voodoo skull and a pink and black spider
figure modeling with witch Jennifer Weigel
another image of the same witch reading for the figure modeling session, with lights and art cabinets in the background
more figure modeling with witch Jennifer Weigel
mirror selfie to show the detail of the costume, rhinestone embellished eyes and lilac colored hair
detail of costuming and lilac hair
scenery for figure modeling session with book on hand-painted patterned chair, voodoo skull, pink and black spider, skeleton bat and candles
detail of scenery for figure modeling session
Portrait of myself with dark makeup and crow skull headdress, backlit by the sun.
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Jennifer Weigel is a multi-disciplinary mixed media conceptual artist residing in Kansas USA. Weigel utilizes a wide range of media to convey her ideas, including assemblage, drawing, fibers, installation, jewelry, painting, performance, photography, sculpture, video and writing. You can find more of her work at:

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