Buffy S1E2 – Buffy and company tip their toes into the second episode as the crew try to figure out who would win in a fight: Buffy or Twilight?! As Trav n Jim keep thinking the librarian ‘might’ be a bit skeevy, Jess and Xander come to the rescue explaining that he’s not at all weird just an old guy who likes to hang out with young girls … errmm… wait…

Will the librarian need to register with any law enforcement? Will Xander (the character) ever ride the skate board again? Will Jim realize we were on Buffy S1E2 and not Season 2?! Will we remember what we did with the transcripts?! All this and more on the next Let Me In!

Buffy S1E2 - Buffy being hugged aggressively by a guy.
Jim thinks this is from this episode but he’s never seen this show (thus the concept of the podcast)

Where to buy Buffy S1E2 or all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (sponsored link):

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