You know, with the title Drive, I expected this episode of American Horror Stories to be more about, you know, a car. And that was just one of several disappointments I experienced while watching it. 

This week’s story is about a woman named Marci, played by Bella Thorne. She likes going out and hooking up with random people in the back of her car. 

Her husband Chas, played by Anthony De La Torre, is less than thrilled with this. He agreed to an open marriage, but he’s starting to struggle with it. 

He’s also worried because people have been going missing after partying at the clubs Marci likes to frequent. 

Over and over through this episode, people warn Marci that people are being abducted by a serial killer. Like, they make a huge point of it. Just the same way they make a huge point of Marci not giving a damn.

Bella Thorne as Marci in American Horror Stories Drive

One night, Marci’s followed home by a stranger. He rams her car, almost driving her off the road. She manages to make it home and isn’t worried enough about the event to stop her partying ways. 

When she sees that same car again, she decides to follow it. This leads to what I guess is the twist of the episode. The guy following her wasn’t trying to hurt her. He’d seen a person in her back seat, and he was trying to warn her. 

This part of the episode was rather clever. I do love an urban legend reference. If they’d gone this route, I might have enjoyed this episode. 

But they had to throw in another twist. And this one was lackluster. I won’t spoil it for you, but I bet you can guess what’s happening. I know I did. 

All in all, this story wasn’t terrible. There just wasn’t much to it. The twist was predictable. The torture/monologue scene was way too long. I didn’t care about what happened to the characters. The writing felt unmotivated. And the killer had the dullest motivation I could imagine.

I’m not too mad about it, though. Every show’s going to have a couple of mid-season episodes that are just meh. The first two episodes have built up enough good faith for me to ride this one out. 

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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