Buffy S1E5: After slaying a vampire, Buffy and Giles find a ring that they link with a prophecy of the Anointed One, who can free the Master from his prison. Buffy arranges a date with a student named Owen, but Giles believes that the prophecy will be fulfilled that evening. The two wait at the graveyard, but see nothing. That evening, a bus crashes and five people die after vampires attack it. Giles connects the crash to the prophecy, but Buffy decides to leave with Owen. Giles visits the funeral home, and is cornered by vampires. Angel warns Buffy about the Prophecy, but she dismisses the warnings until Willow and Xander show up. Owen follows the three to the funeral home, and Buffy leaves him with Xander and Willow. However, they run into a victim of the bus crash, now a vampire. Buffy, Giles, and Owen subdue the vampire, before Buffy forces him into a furnace. The next day, Owen asks for another date, but Buffy refuses, fearing for his safety should they stay together. Giles and Buffy take comfort in believing that they stopped the prophecy, but the real Anointed One, a young boy, meets the Master in his underground lair.

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