David Davis talks about Chucky S1 E1 on SyFy with special guest Kevin Hayman in the third installment of Kids’ Stuff – A Chucky Podcast. For a spoiler-free take, read the review published last week.

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About Kids’ Stuff – Episode Three – Chucky S1 E1 (2021)

Kids’ Stuff – A Chucky Podcast features Haunted MTL contributor David Davis and a special guest to talk all things Chucky, the killer doll, as writers.

In this episode, returning guest Kevin Hayman of Supernatural Selection joins David to talk about the first episode of the new Chucky TV show. They talk cast impressions and favorite moments from Chucky S1 E1 – “Death By Misadventure” and weigh in as members of the Cult of Chucky. Does the show live up to the legacy of the series, or is this a misstep?

This is a spoiler-centric episode, so if you are trying to avoid spoilers please consider reading David’s spoiler-free review instead.

About Chucky S1 E1 – “Death by Misadventure”

When 14-year-old budding artist Jake Wheeler buys a vintage Good Guy doll at a yard sale, intending to use it in his latest sculpture, his young life will change forever–for better and worse.

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Kids’ Stuff – A Chucky Podcast is a weekly podcast for Haunted MTL. The series theme is a remix of Kevin MacLoud’s â€˜Pop Goes The Weasel’ by Deft Beck. The show is hosted by David Davis, a Haunted MTL contributor, and cartoonist.

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