Hey, everyone! Jimbo here 🙂 Today on Streamin Demons we cover the new (The Call), the borrowed (Sky Sharks), and the old (Holidays).

JM Brannyk starts us out with their love for Sky Sharks, Marc Fehse, and Tony Todd (to be fair, we all geeked out that Tony Todd was in the film!). Brannyk loved Sky Sharks so much, they interviewed Fehse. For that SkySharks interview with the very gracious Marc Fehse click on thru!

Voodoo Priestess got The Call and then she played pokemon and then started to talk to us about The Call (the movie with the ultra cool Lin Shaye!) Okay, so she mostly talked about everything else Lin Shaye was in but it was still a positive

Finally, we have Jimbo delving into the Holidays movie on Netflix. Questions are raised such as ‘Does Kevin Smith OWN a mini-mart and that’s why all his stuff is shot in one?!’ and ‘Ever wonder what would happen if the Easter Bunny and Christ had a love child? Wonder no longer!’. A little game called ‘Guess which one’s Smith’s’ was played (Jim guessed correctly, but can you?)

If you want to check the book out, feel free to click on below via Amazon. Remember, if you buy, we do get $.

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