We’re going to get a little dirty. I hope you’re okay with that.

First of all, watch this music video. Then prepare for a little info about one of Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s greatest skits: “The Monster Fuck.”

The Monster Fuck

One of the most hilarious recurring gags on Comedy Bang! Bang! is the annual Halloween tradition of new installments of this utterly ridiculous song. This YouTube complication features the first five variations of the gag.

At heart, the gag always begins with the appearance of the character Leo Karpatze onto the podcast, usually during the Halloween special. The character of Karpatze is played by frequent Nick Wiger. Nick was a writer and performer with the TV show version of CBB. Wiger is also is co-host of Doughboys with Mike Mitchell.

The gag always plays out in a similar way, “Leo” arrives at the studio to share a song. The character of Leo Karpatze is very much based on the co-composer of the real “Monster Mash,” Leonard L. Capizzi. The gag posits that Leo’s original version of the “Monster Mash” was actually the “Monster Fuck” and he was told to make it more family-friendly. Each appearance he introduces a “new version” of the song or an entirely different song only to inevitably return to the “Monster Fuck.”

Over the years Leo’s story evolves across subsequent appearances, eventually giving him two nieces, Scaroline and Sceva, and a grandson named Killiam. Scaroline and Sceva play the Hauntettes, Leo’s backup singers. Scaroline even gets murdered at one point, which is pretty par for the course for Comedy Bang! Bang!. Additionally, gags have built up. My particular favorite gag is Scott Aukerman’s incredulous “Swamp Thing?!” during the performance from the second version of the joke and beyond.

Needless to say, I am always ready for another take on the joke any time the podcast has a Halloween episode. It’s a little goofy and naughty and super funny. You can find all of Leo’s “Monster Fuck” episodes at the Comedy Bang! Bang! wiki.

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