It took me a long time to sit down and listen to season two of Tanis. That’s probably okay, it takes the team long enough to get the seasons out. 

But when they do get those episodes out, damn. There is just so much going on in this season that I had to once again cut it into two posts. Even then, this might be a long post. 

Grab a drink and get comfy.

When we last left Nic, he was recovering from the horrific trip into the woods and the cabin within. He cannot remember most of what happened, save for some frightening flashbacks and eerie images coming back to him during therapeutic hypnotic sessions. And boy howdy did he get off easy. 

Tara, who the group had originally gone into Tanis to rescue, is in a psychiatric ward. Seeing as how she ended last season trying to eat her arm, that’s probably good. Morgan and Sam, however, are lost. They never came out of the cabin. Veronica has gone missing as well.

Cameron Ellis’s team has built a wall around Tanis of something called grey pancake. Per Jeff Van Sant, who was a marine, this stuff is all but unbreakable.

And then, with cameras on it and a wall around it, the cabin vanished. Right before several eyes.

The mysteries are coming hard and fast this season. There’s much talk about the navigator, and lots of people are crowding around Nic because they think he can find this person. The Cult of Tanis is coaxing him to work with them, Cameron Ellis is trying to strong-arm him into the same. He’s still searching for the truth.

That search is bringing more and more mystery into the light of day. There’s a key inside of a wooden key attached to some sort of rock that caused a man to go mad. Feet are washing up on a shore, at least one of which came from a man with two perfectly healthy feet he’s had since birth. And then there’s the gray pancake wall around Tanis, which is starting to break.

But horror fans shouldn’t think there’s nothing for us. There is so much creep factor here. Early in the season MK, Nic’s deep web researcher and love interest finds a series of horrifying gruesome videos that sound like snuff films you’d read about on Creepypasta. She and Nic have been getting death threats since last season, some of which might be real threats. Then there’s the man that Cameron Ellis is keeping in an underground lab, who’s prone to ripping off pieces of his flesh because he doesn’t need them anymore.

My favorite bit so far, though, is the last movie. Much like The Ring, it’s supposed to be the last movie you ever watch before you die. Little else is known about it yet, at least as of episode six. But even MK couldn’t find it. And it’s very lack of information means I have to know more. 

This season so far is also peppered with a collection of mini-episodes, which add additional information and depth to the story. Even if they seem designed to advertise that Tanis does, indeed, have a Patreon.

What began as some failed search for an end to The Black Tapes is quickly turning into a fascination. I hope you’re along for the ride.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)