Episode seven of American Horror Story NYC came in hot. And it just got hotter. 

We start with Gino and Patrick going to rescue Henry. And for a detective and a reporter, they’re not super observant. Whitley manages to distract them by lowering his Frankenstein monster from above. Then he hits them over the head and chains them up.

Whitley explains his plan to Patrick, that he intends to put Patrick’s heart inside his monster, his Sentinel. Then, he’s going to bring the Sentinel to life, to protect the gay community. 

His plan doesn’t come to pass, though. At least not in the way he intends it to. But we’ll get to that soon. 

Joe Mantello in American Horror Story NYC

With Whitley taken care of, the heroes turn their attention to healing. To getting on with their lives. At least, that’s what Patrick and Gino are doing. After doing a tell-all interview with Gino for The Native, Patrick dramatically quits the force. And almost immediately starts seeing ghosts. 

Meanwhile, Adam is quickly distracted by the virus that he and Hannah, along with almost everybody else, has. He’s starting to draw lines between this virus and Big Daddy. 

Gino isn’t interested in this, though. He is interested in getting on with his life. He invites Adam to visit Fire Island for a weekend. 

Hannah, worried over her illness, decides not to join them. She instead wants to go home to visit his mother. But Big Daddy might have different plans for her. 

Billie Lourd in American Horror Story NYC

In a final scene, Gino sits down to write. And what he writes is a stirring manifesto. He talks about the Mai Tai killer being sick, but also understandable. That the community is angry, and they should be. That they’ve been attacked, hurt, bullied and killed, with little to no support from the police. He says that the gay community needs to be its own Sentinel. That they need to use their anger, let that be their Pride.

This speech was amazing. It gave me chills. 

Whitley, in a dark way, inspired Gino. And Gino, in turn, inspired the gay community. He told them to protect themselves and each other. He told them to let righteous anger be their Sentinel. And so Whitley did succeed in his goal. In a roundabout way.

This episode felt like a season-ending. If The Mai Tai killer was the only one. If the virus wasn’t infecting our heroes. If we didn’t have three episodes to go. I don’t think that’s going to be enough time. But it’s what we have left.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)