After Season 2…

Castlevania S3E1 begins one month after the events of Season 2. Alucard is living a peaceful life in his father’s castle. He spends his days foraging, catching fishing, and talking to his dolls. In one of the best scenes so far, Alucard is eating dinner and asks a question of his dolls of Trevor and Sypha. He does a great job of mocking their voices and personalities. He concludes the conversation noting that me must be going insane.

Castlevania S3E1
People talk to stranger things…

Trevor and Sypha have been travelling around the countryside, clearing out the Night Creatures, remnants of Dracula’s army. Their relationship has grown as indicated by Sypha’s anger when Trevor compares his beer to good sex. Trevor is reluctant to give out his last name as some are angered by Dracula’s death.

Castlevania S3E1
Sypha’s fights scene are incredible

Carmilla returns to her kingdom where she is warmly welcome by her sisters. Her army took the last thirty days to return home after their defeat in the battle with Dracula. In toe is Hector, who, after his betrayal of Dracula, is a prisoner to Carmilla. He awaits his role in Carmilla’s plan but first, she needs a bath.

Castlevania S3E1 in Review…

Just to be clear, I will not be doing a review for each individual episode. The first episode deserves it’s place to set the standard for the rest of the season. For those who have been following the series so far, you won’t be disappointed.

This series has done a great job of continuing to elevate the story. The first season does the job of building background and characters on a small level. The second season brings in more characters and makes the world feel bigger. The third season continues that trend with even more characters and a large expansion of the world.

Castlevania S3E1 gets 5 out of 5 Cthulhus. Right from the start, we get everything the audience has come to love from this series. Comedy, action, and, above all, just a really solid story.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)