From the gimmicky mind of Full Moon Entertaintaintment Charles Band, comes a direct straight to video comedy-horror entitled Demonic Toys. The film is directed by Peter Manoogian who is also known for lending his talents to 1984s classic The Howling and The Dugeonmaster films.

Appearing greatly as an even cheesier knock off of Child’s Play (how is that even possible in the first place?)  is it necessarily a bad thing? I say no as Demonic Toys does have an appeal all of its own despite the recycled plotline. Released in 1992, Demonic Toys is a fun little movie filled with the classic over the top acting, dodgy special effects, and unrealistic kills. Despite all of its flaws, and there are many, I genuinely enjoyed this little flick. It was entertaining, funny and gory. Three wins when it comes to horror.

Demonic Toys centers around cop Judith Gray who’s partner and lover is shot dead when a stakeout goes array. She had just told her partner that she was pregnant which we soon discover plays a pivotal role in the film. When Judith pursues her lover’s killers (which inevitably looks like the opening scene from Child’s Play) Judith and the killers find themselves trapped inside a toy factory. Yep, cue gasps.

As you can imagine the film is bloody terrible but in total honesty, it wasn’t as bad as I was picturing. When Judith’s partner’s Killers stumble through the warehouse bleeding out profusely as he goes the blonde-haired creepy guy comes across a glowing blue light in the center of the floor. And what happens in horror movies? Yep, they always go towards the weird light, though in his case he was drastically delirious and probably thought that the almighty was sending down a beam for him to float to paradise. Psyche! Of course, It was just a demonic pentagram that needed some poor saps blood to open the gates of hell.! Duh! before finally succumbing to his laughable death, Hesse delivers his final last words as he’s surrounded by soulless plastic toys.

“Fucking Toys!”

From here we are introduced to the murdering Demonic Toys. A maniacal Jack in the box named Jack Attack who’s psychotic incessant laughing is rather unnerving, a baby doll and by far my favorite character named Oopsie Daisy who is a foul-mouthed little shit with a quick wit and a feral teddy bear. The twisted trio turns out to be the minions of a child demon named ‘The Kid’ played by Dano Cerny who also had a role in Children Of The Corn 3.  Shocker there!

The acting is no doubt shoddy but I found myself overlooking such things due to its ability to entertain. There is no stinginess on the amount of gore either which made me a very happy gore head. The kills are fun and the blood continuously flows throughout. I never got bored watching Demonic Toys. if you’re a fan of bad, cheesy horror then you need to check out this movie! The franchise even spawned a sequel to the first called Demonic Toys: Personal Demons whilst the two other popular horror franchises found themselves doing a crossover with 2004s The Puppet Master Vs Demonic Toys and 1993’s The Dollman Vs Demonic Toys.