I hope you all had a Happy Halloween! I sure did! Your ghoul spent her evening carving Jack O Lanterns, stuffing her face with spooky treats and watching Horror movies all night long! By daylight, yours ghouly was getting tattooed! Yep, it’s a Halloween tradition every year for me to get a Halloween tattoo. This year I immortalized the  Mistress Of The Dark herself, Elvira on my body! What a fitting theme! Horror Hostess and a Horror icon! I’m one happy spook. 

One of my many other Halloween traditions is watching certain horror movies on the creepiest night of the year. Some of you may laugh, others may die trying not too but in fact, Wes Cravens 1996 Scream is a horror film must when it comes to Halloween. Watching Scream on Halloween is something that’s been a part of my childhood since I can remember! My childhood memories consist of Ghost Face costumes running amok the streets, plastic knives that filled with blood when you tried to stab someone with it. Yes, Scream impacted my childhood and started me on the path to becoming the gore whore I am today! 

So what are my thoughts on the Wes Craven flick? Let’s get started! 

It’s A Real Scream!

Personally I love the movie. It has all the elements that I look for in a cheesy horror flick. Although a staple of the ’90s Scream definitely shows its age these days which makes me feel incredibly fuckin old! 

The film stars many a famous face including Neve Campbell who plays the innocent Sydney Prescott, Courtney Cox who plays the ever clever Gail Weathers, David Arquette who plays the iconic officer Dewey and Mattew Lillard Rose Mgowen, Drew Barrymore and more! The first scene of the movie has become iconic among horror films,  a parody being made out of it for the atrociously funny Scary Movie. For its time Scream was terrifying. 

The 90s Horror At Its Best

Scream is centered around the quiet town of Woodsboro where nothing ever happens until Sid’s mother and the pivotal plot to the entire franchise, Maureen Prescott is brutally murdered. A year later after her untimely death, we find ourselves meeting the pale-faced Woodsboro murderer, the iconic Ghost Face! 

Spawning three sequels and a massive cult following twenty-three years on and it’s still talked about to date. A tv show by the same is also being aired on Netflix, already in its third season. 

If you are an old school horror fan then I truly believe that you will respect Wes Cravens’s contribution to the horror genre. it’s campy but there are worse films out there that could be ripped to shreds. At least Scream tries to be serious. For its time Scream was influential amongst the genre fans, I being one of them! Give it a watch.

Oh before you go, “what’s your favorite scary movie?”