A Christmas Carol
FX Production’s A Christmas Carol

Not the same old retelling…

Every year we are offered another take on Charles Dickens’ Classic, A Christmas Carol. Often, the excitement comes from finding out if the big name actor picked to play Scrooge can pull it off. From version to version, there are only small variations in the telling that make them unique. This year, however, we might have something truly special.

From FX Productions, Scott Free Productions (Ridley Scott’s), and Hardy, Son & Baker (Tom Hardy), and written by the creator of Peaky Blinders, comes a new, darker take on the old holiday standard. An amazing cast, lead by Guy Pearce as Ebenezer Scrooge, will portray the story in three one-hour long episodes over three nights (or one long movie for FX watchers).

FX’s Official Trailer for A Christmas Carol

The trailer opens with Jacob Marley, played by Taboo’s Stephen Graham, beginning his eternal torment after his death. Audiences can anticipate a much deeper dive into why Marley returns to help Ebenezer avoid a similar fate. As the trailer continues, it’s clear that Guy Pearce’s Scrooge isn’t simply the miserly character of old. He seems to indulge in tormenting and shaming those around him as he offers to pay Mrs. Cratchit, played by Vinette Robinson, to strip.

The first episode will focus on Jacob and Ebenezer’s parting and meeting again. The second will be the visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past. The third will conclude the series with the visit from the last two spirts. Based on the description of the first two episodes, there will be a great deal of expansion on Scrooge’s past both before and with Jacob Marley.

When to Watch A Christmas Carol…

Playing on BBC One, episode 1 will air December 22 at 9pm. Episode 2 will air December 23 at 9pm. Episode 3 will air December 24 at 9pm.

Playing on FX, the entire series will premiere December 19 at 7:30pm. It will air in full again on December 24 at 8pm and December 25 at 4pm.