Picked up by Netflix in 2019, 2018’s Head Count is an old tale told anew. Isolated in the outskirts of a desert town, friends vacationing at a rental property pick up a college kid visiting his slightly estranged brother for the first time in years. Choosing to stick to the group for a chance to hookup instead of get “high on life” with his what he has left of his bio-family, the shit hits the fan when the kids decide to tell campfire stories that night.

Part Body Snatchers, part It Follows, Head Count is slow and often silent. Once things get started you’ll be playing Where’s Waldo?in a Paranormal Activity type of way. You may find yourself skipping ahead and rewinding to do your own Head Count, but luckily the story itself is easy enough o follow.

With an IMDB rating of 5.3/10, Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer of 63% and Audience Score of 45%, I give Head Count a 5.8/10.