Don’t Knock Twice is a 2016 British horror film following ex-junkie Jess and her estranged teenage daughter Chloe. Strange things are afoot after being newly reunited, as Jess and Chloe uncover a childhood conspiracy might be coming true.

The first time around you may find the twists and turns of this story confusing. By the closing credits you may still have questions. Watching a few review and breakdown videos will help piece together the story and make sense of the foreshadowing.

Because critics and audience s not have gotten this opportunity to dig deeper, the movie could have accrued undue criticism. But given the chance to fully understand you may come to appreciate it as much as true horror fans do.

With an IMDB rating of 5.1/10, and Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer and Audience Score of 21%, I give Don’t Knock Twice a 6.2/10.