It’s about time someone made a movie about killer llamas from outer space. Released in 2015, Llamageddon would’ve swept the “I Can’t Believe They Made This” and the “Craptastic” film awards if such awards existed. Starring Louie the llama, the best actor of this acid trip, Llamageddon is easily one the best times I’ve ever had watching a film completely sober because this, without any exaggeration, is the most flawless, atrociously wonderful piece of crap that I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this is just about the worst movie I’ve ever seen which automatically makes it one of the greatest. With an adorable animated prologue played to heavy metal, Llamageddon starts off with an army (herd?) of llamas getting ready for universal domination.

They’re extraterrestrials living on some llama planet, using space ships designed like animal trailers, and make adorably mean facial expressions as they prepare for takeoff. I actually wish the whole movie took place on this planet and was filmed in this style because it would’ve been the Citizen Kane of llama movies. Evil cartoon llamas doing a Nazi march? Nothing gets better than that.

A single llama crash lands on earth and kills a nice, albeit boring, couple living on a ranch. He kills them Supernatural style with a bucket of blood splattering the walls as the victims scream off camera. Next, we meet the couple’s grandchildren and their mother as they’re leaving the funeral, all of whom seem completely unconcerned about the gruesome (judging by the blood splatter) murder. They refer to it as a “freak accident” as if people getting slaughtered in the middle of the night is some kind of rare medical condition.

The mother forces her kids to stay at the grandparent’s house, alone, while she goes to deal with the will because apparently lawyer offices don’t allow teenagers inside anymore. The only reason I can fathom why this woman is abandoning her children in the middle of nowhere with a murderer on the loose is that she secretly hates her children and wants them to die.

The moment she’s gone, daughter Melanie calls everyone she knows and invites them over for a party while her brother Floyd slumps around like a sad sack of pudding. This is the beginning of the film’s basic set up, but this whole seqeunce feels like some kind of warped dream. These two teenagers are mannequins cursed with life accompanied by personalities downloaded from various Twitter feeds. It’s exactly how I imagined a play about humans written by Martians would look like, which is ironic because while these two are acting like aliens, there’s an actual alien running around outside.

The party bits were probably written under the influence of a massive drug cocktail. However, unlike the kids in Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp, House of Wax, Ma, and other slashers, the party of drunk teenagers/college kids in Llamageddon are actually entertaining. They’re not well developed, likable, or even good character portrayals, most of the acting is brutal, but they’re fun to watch. I wasn’t bored for a single second, and I wasn’t just waiting for them to die. Their deaths only compliment the chaotic silliness of it all.

Plus the order in which they all die is unconventional. The bulk of them all die at once in a hot tub. It’s ridiculous.

The star of this film though is the space llama with his bloodred laser eyes that explode people. I’m not going to give Llamageddon crap for its special effects because you can’t always afford what you had in mind, however, it makes the film so funny it’s impossible not to burst out laughing with every kill scene. My favorite might be the girl who gets beaten to death by two fake llama legs that are just swinging above her face while she struggles. Amazing.

This is both a brilliant and awful movie. I honestly only loved it because of how bad it was and because I love llamas. It’s almost impossible not to like it because it’s so honest in its flaws. Llamageddon was made by film students fresh off graduation. It started out as a short film that turned into a full-length passion project, which makes me love it all the more. It’s here and it might as well have fun, plus it’s actually pretty good for a raw first project that had almost no money. Incredibly entertaining, and weird as f**k.

There are plans to give Llamageddon a sequel, this time starring alpacas, with Louie having a special cameo. The movie will be called Alpacalypse.

2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)
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