Events So Far…

Locke & Key Episode 9 begins 6 months before the present day, at the start of the series. Ellie gets a text about the death of Rendall Locke and makes the call to Mark Cho. Then, we move ahead to 3 months earlier, when the Locke family moves into Keyhouse and see that Lucas pays Ellie a visit.

We begin to follow the recent events from Ellie’s side. When Nina finds Ellie snooping in her house several episodes ago, Ellie was retrieving the Shadow Crown for Lucas. The call Nina receives in episode 5 from Joe? Well, Joe takes a picture of Lucas who he knew to be dead. Even after Ellie secures the phone from Joe, Lucas decides he has to kill Joe.

Ellie returns home to find Lucas goading her after he uses the Anywhere Key to avoid the police. Ellie shots Lucas but finds that he can’t be killed. Lucas tells Ellie that she is going to help him get whatever he wants.

Now That We’re Caught Up…

Welcome to the present day. Lucas, knowing that the Omega Key is with Rendall’s ashes, tells Ellie it’s her job to get it. Ellie attempts to run away but Rufus convinces her to fight and shows that he’s found where Lucas hides the keys he’s stolen.

The Locke kids attempt to recruit their friends to help in the efforts against Lucas. Most find it hard to believe but the Locke’s know that keeping it a secret is not going to help. Eventually, they go to Ellie and Rufus who disclose the whole story of what happened the day their friends drowned.

Opening her Head Space, Ellie shows them the memories of that day. When a demon possesses Lucas after opening the Black Door, he begins to look for the Omega Key. When the others refuse to give it to him, he kills two of them before Rendall kills him with a hammer. The four remaining members of Rendall’s group throw the bodies into the ocean and make up a story about them drowning.

Locke & Key Episode 9
Disposing of the bodies…

Reaching the Climax…

In true Bode fashion, he recalls exactly where he saw the Shadow Key and produces it for everyone to see. Ellie and Rufus return home to retrieve the Shadow Crown. Lucas finds the two with the crown and restrains Ellie after throwing Rufus across the room. Lucas then reaches into Ellies pocket and finds…[paused for dramatic effect]…the Shadow Key. That’s right! The key that has the power to unlock the…um…power of the Shadow Crown.

Locke & Key Episode 9 in Review…

I really want something super cool to happen. Some big truly evil or diabolic action to tie Lucas/Dodge as this really sinister villain. Then, the main characters just give away the keys. I mean, they went to find the crown with the key?

I’m even disappointed in the reveal of how all the events played out for the Rendall gang. I don’t think any of it was a big shock to anyone. I am ready for the final episode.

Locke & Key Episode 9 gets 1 out of 5 Cthulhus

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)