We come now to episode seven of Hulu’s Monsterland. As this is the second to last episode of the season I was expecting sort of a meh episode. While I wouldn’t say it was all that boring, it wasn’t as great as some of the earlier ones.

On the other hand, I didn’t feel like I needed to talk to my therapist after watching it, so that’s a plus.

Lauren is a lonely kid. She doesn’t have a lot of friends, and her mom’s a full-on lush. She has one good friend, a girl named Elena.

Elena has everything Lauren wishes she had. A loving mother, loyal friends, a boyfriend. Lauren even covets Elena’s hair. 

The two share a fascination with the white woods, a local forest where girls often die. There was even a serial killer called the Lumberjack who brutally killed four young women. 

After a fight between the two girls, Elena disappears into the white woods and is never seen again.

Ten years later, Lauren is getting ready to marry Stan. He just happens to be the same boy Elena was dating before she vanished. They’ve made a happy life together after they both went to med school. Lauren’s been adopted by Elena’s mother after her beer-soaked mother kicked her out. She’s even perfected Elena’s hairstyle.

She is, in short, living the life Elena would have. If she hadn’t vanished in the woods that is. 

How did that happen? Why didn’t Elena come home from the woods that night? We have Lauren’s story, that Elena ran off after a fight to smoke weed in the woods. We also have what Abby, one of Elena’s old friends thinks happened. That Lauren killed Elena. 

I mean, what would you think, watching some girl dress in what should have been your friend’s wedding dress? Getting ready to marry your friend’s boyfriend while your friend’s mother watches on with maternal pride?

Of course, what happened to Elena ten years ago isn’t revealed until the last. And it’s not exactly what anyone thought.

This episode had some striking visuals. Lauren, running through the woods in a wedding dress. Blood on the bodice, dirt on the hem. It’s a scary image, whatever the circumstances. Then there’s the forest itself, which is hauntingly beautiful. It feels like the sort of place that would lure someone in, then never let them go. 

While this wasn’t the strongest episode, it also wasn’t the worst. I enjoyed the story from start to finish. I’m looking forward to watching the last episode of what’s been a really strong season. 

What do you think? What’s your favorite episode of Hulu’s Monsterland so far? Let us know in the comments.