Episode three of Hulu’s Monsterland asks a question that’s frightening to contemplate. What would you do to be rescued from poverty? Worse, what would you ignore from your rescuer?

Annie is a newly married woman with an adorable little boy named George. She’s moved to New Orleans with her husband, Joe. The family is enjoying a festival in the French District when Annie’s separated from her family. 

Little George finds her first, running right into her. He tells her that a man with black eyes chased him through the crowd. 

Fourteen years later, Annie’s hit in the face with the news that her husband, Joe, has been abusing children at his practice for decades. He admits this to her, there’s even video evidence. 

Left alone in the house, Annie is spiraling. She’s scared of the situation, scared of the world. In vain she searches through old letters and pictures, trying to figure out why she hadn’t seen the signs. 

That’s when she starts seeing a man with black eyes, playing trumpet, and watching her house.

This is, I think, the weakest of the stories so far. Which isn’t to say it was bad. There just wasn’t a ton going on here. I also wish we’d seen more of New Orleans. And much of the story takes place in Annie’s house. Huge miss.

That being said, this episode saw some fantastic acting. Nicole Beharie, who plays Annie, did a spectacular job. There’s a moment when haunted by the sounds of the trumpet player, she does something desperate. (No spoilers.) The relief on her face is perfect. You can feel it in your soul.

You can also feel it a moment later when you find her plan has failed. 

This was another episode that never really reveals whether or not the monster was real. Was the trumpet player ever really hunting her? Or was it just a product of her overwhelmed emotions? 

This episode had a lot of twists and turns and was a hell of a dark ride. When I say it’s the weakest of the three so far, that by no means it’s not a horrifying story to watch unfold. 

What did you think of this episode? What’s been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments.