We open to Russell and his gang dragging Bill and Sookie back to his home. Russell announces that Bill has been hiding something. Bill freaks out, breaks the banister, and stabs the guard with it. The guard is staked, and turns to a pile of goo. Bill tries to attack Russell next, but Russell tosses him aside and laughs. He is way older than Bill, but nice try, he says.

The Fates

Russell orders Lorena to take Bill to the slave quarters and murder him. He orders Sookie imprisoned in the library until he can deal with her. Russell tends to Talbot, who is very upset at the damage of their home. Russell and Talbot’s relationship seems to be very strained and grows more distant throughout this episode.

Eric guards Sookie in the library and she goads him to help her. Eric is intent on revenge – we know this from his flashbacks – and I would be annoyed if Sookie kept screaming in my face when I was plotting to murder everyone here too. He tells Sookie to shut up aggressively.

When Russell returns to retrieve Sookie, they play a game of twenty questions. Sookie answers Russell’s questions when he answers hers. Russell is intrigued to know about Sookie’s powers, but this questioning doesn’t yield anything we don’t already know as viewers. However, it does seem dangerous to admit to Russell that she is a telepath. We will see how this plays out if Eric doesn’t burn this place and everyone in it to the ground.

Lorena takes Bill to a dungeon and tortures him. When two werewolves that guard the grounds enter the dungeon at sunrise, Lorena lets them drink blood directly from Bill.

A Drop of Blood

Arlene continues to deal with pressure at work while hiding her pregnancy. Sam has hired Jessica to be the hostess. While Arlene is dealing with a super nasty customer, she nicks her finger. Jessica’s fangs come out involuntarily.

Arlene freaks out, shouting that this is why no one likes fangers. Jessica tries to apologize, saying she hasn’t eaten recently.

When only the single rude customer is left, Arlene chats with Jessica, telling her that she hasn’t gotten any tips all night. Whoops – this is totally because Jessica glamoured all the customers to stiff her. Jessica feels bad and glamours the rude woman to leave all of her money on the table as a tip and go to the bathroom, where she feeds on her and lets her leave.

Jason and Crystal

We watch as Jason and Crystal make out in the woods. There’s really something off with this girl, but who knows what’s going on. Is she supernatural? Probably, knowing this town. Crystal abruptly cuts off the make-out session when she hears shuffling in the woods and tells Jason it’s too dangerous for them to be doing this.

Later in the episode, Jason shows up at Crystal’s house with flowers. When he rings the doorbell, a man answers. He asks for Crystal and finds out that this man is her fiance. Well, time to move on. Knowing Jason, he probably won’t.

Lafayette and Jesus

Lafayette and Jesus return to Lafayette’s house and sit in the car for a minute. They talk about Jesus’ family and how he doesn’t know his father because his mother was raped. The pair get close and begin making out. The two move inside but soon hear a crash. They go outside to see the redneck drug dealers that Eric and Lafayette intimidated smashing the windshield and windows on his brand new car.

Lafayette and Jesus beat the redneck group easily, but it leads Jesus to find out that Lafayette is a drug dealer. This spells bad news for the couple, as Jesus asks to leave immediately.

Eric Goes On a Trip

Eric accompanies Russell to Sophie-Anne’s home. He forces Sophie-Anne to agree to marry Russell through multiple means.

Tara’s a Hostage

Franklin still has Tara tied to the bed in the creepiest nightgown ever. He tells her that Sookie is being kept in the house and that his job here is now complete. Tara seduces Franklin and convinces him to let her drink his blood during the act. Afterwards while Franklin sleeps beside her, Tara communicates with Sookie telepathically, telling her that she will come for her, find her, and for Sookie to be ready to escape.

When Franklin is sleeping, Tara takes a mace off the wall and bashes his head in. I’m really thinking he will heal from this, as it wasn’t a stake. Better watch out for that one.

Tara gets past the guard outside Sookie’s room and they attack and disable him on their way out. The pair run onto the grounds, where Sookie decides to try and rescue Bill. Tara runs for the car where she meets up with Alcide.

Sookie tries to untie Bill, but Lorena steps from the shadows and attacks her, ripping her neck open and drinking from her. Sookie screams as the episode ends.

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